March 2021

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Stuck On The Side Of The Road Chronicle

We often hear stories from our customers on how they’ve gone through some crazy situations whenever their vehicle breaks down. We get so many from past clients that we have decided to select a “Stuck On The Side Of The Road Story” winner! We’ve heard countless stories and have decided to pick Arnold Jackson’s heartwarming […]

Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring cleaning season is here and we’re all ready to shake off the winter blues. While our home and office might be a priority for the spring cleaning madness, one place you shouldn’t neglect to clean is your car. Winter months can be hard on your car, so give it a bit of extra attention […]

Signs Your Car Battery Is (Almost) Dead

  If you’re like most Americans, then you will probably wait until your car battery is completely dead before you change it. This approach, which has been seen ever since batteries were invented, is definitely not the safest one. A survey of 1,000 drivers, sponsored by Eric’s Car Care, showed that 53% of the group […]

Learn About Your Engine!

We often get asked about engines here at Eric’s Car Care. One of our customers wrote to us asking about his 2012 Hyundai, with a 3.5 V6. He was told that his engine had been seized. Our mechanics have come up with this response, and although it’s a response to Jake’s issue, you guys can […]

How To Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Car

When you think about Houston, you think of a huge economy, 4th biggest city in the nation, and home to the baseball champions, the Astros. But while we’re all enjoying how great our city is,  there are thieves out there prowling on our every move. Having things stolen can feel like a huge violation. Our […]

How Often Should You Swap Your Car Tires?

If you have recently procured your own car, then a question that we are is hovering over your mind is how often should you swap the tires of your car? Well, we can never have a definite answer to this question because there is a string of factors that must be taken into consideration before […]

Foreign Vehicle Repair

Are you in need of a repair shop capable of performing vehicle repairs on your foreign car?   Look no further than here!   Because of the amount of search volume concerning foreign car repair, it is evident that the number of foreign car owners are large in number. Luxury vehicle owners quickly discover that […]

Everything You Need To Know About Your Car’s A/C

How does the A/C system work? Having a good understanding of how the components work can help to explain the methods of repairs in the air conditioning system. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system does not create cold air. It actually takes the heat and moisture out of the air that’s already in your vehicle, leaving […]

Everything You Need To Know About Wheel Alignments

In our comprehensive guide we look at what an alignment is, when you need to get one, and the different types of wheel alignments that are available.   What Is A Wheel Alignment?   The meaning of wheel alignment can often get confused, as the term is misleading. But the actual meaning is adjusting all […]

Eric’s Car Care Under New Management

Eric’s Car Care is focused on providing our customers with the best version of ourselves as possible. With that being said, our new management has been working tirelessly since April of 2017 to ensure you get the absolute best experience while at our car shop. We have dedicated an enormous amount of training on bettering […]