7 Car Hacks That Actually Work!

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7 Car Hacks That Actually Work!

Feel like a modern day Macgyver that can make something from anything? Well here we have car hacks to help you on your quest to greatness. Below are some really cool things you can easily do to make your dricing life easir, better and more enjoyable.


  1. Got a hole in your fuel tank? Use minties as a temporary fix.

It pays to have a few minutes in the car on the off chance your fuel tank springs a leak. For a temporary fix before seeing your local mechanic, chew the mintie until it sticks to your teeth. When this happens chew it further to flatten it out. With a rag wipe the area around the leak until it is as dry as possible and then apply the mintie.


  1. Need to clean cloudy headlights? Use toothpaste.

Yes it’s true, toothpaste (especially whitening) can clean foggy headlights. For this one you’ll definitely need to bring your elbow grease. Apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth and thoroughly rub it in all over the lens. Then rinse off completely with clean water and dry. For further protection use a furniture polish or car wax with UV protection.


  1. No cup holder? No problem, use a shoe!

If you’re car is from the dark ages you may not have the luxury of using inbuilt cup holders. To that I say NAY! Why not use one of your sneakers? By the gear shift or on the seat it will work perfectly giving your drink more stability. Thirst=quenched.


  1. Can’t get your registration sticker off? Use wet newspaper.

Out of date registration stickers are very irritating. Sometimes they can feel like they’ve been set in the glass trying to take them off. But no need to worry some wet newspaper will do the trick. Use warm water and place the newspaper over the sticker for 10 minutes. This lets the warm water penetrate the sticker and will almost fall off into your hands.


  1. Rip your fingers to shreds trying to put a key on a key ring? Use a staple remover.

Do you find it hard to get keys on a key ring or do they tear up your fingers and finger nails? Then it’s time to upgrade to the ultimate in key ring helping technology, a staple remover. Put the teeth of the staple remover in between the two rings, then press down and watch them separate.


  1. Bang your doors in the garage wall? Use half a pool noodle.

This is a cheap and effective way to stop having to worry about how close your door is to the garage wall when getting in and out of your car. Cut the tube in half and either glue, nail, or bolt the tube at the specific height your door meets the wall.


  1. Boost the range of your car remote by holding it to your head

Does your car remote lack the range needed for it to actually be useful? One way to increase the range of the remote is to hold it underneath your chin. I know it sounds crazy but it actually works and should add a few car lengths to the remote’s capable distance.


Tim Pozar, a Silicon Valley radio engineer was asked by the New York Times how this actually works.


Mr. Pozar explains “You are capactively coupling the fob to your head. With all the fluids in your head it ends up being a nice conductor. Not a great one, but it works. Using your head can extend the key’s wireless range by a few car lengths.”


Written by Eric's Car Care