7 Spring Break Road Trip Rules That Guarantee Success!

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7 Spring Break Road Trip Rules That Guarantee Success!

Hello Spring Break!


The great weather is here once again! So you know what that means, Spring Break! Eric’s Car Care wants to ensure you and your family have the best family vacation this spring break! Traveling together as a family can lead to great memories that kids will remember for the rest of their lives! Many of us have memories of those childhood roadtrips, crammed in the backseat of our family’s car, as we road tripped from city to city on our way to grandma’s house. Now we suddenly have our own kids we’re trying to create memories for and it can be a whole new ballgame when you’re suddenly the focal point in making it happen. But don’t worry, follow these important steps we’ve come up so you can get the most out of your trip, all while staying safe and sound!


 1.Know Your Route

A little research can go a long way towards preventing issues on a road trip. With Google maps at our fingertips, figuring drive times and stopping points has never been easier.  We highly recommend looking at your route in advance and figuring out stopping points along the way.


 2.Pack For The Weather

Be sure to prepare your car and your family for whatever weather you might encounter on your trip. If you live near the beach, your car might need a little bit of preparation to be ready for a trip into those hilly cities. Be sure to check your tire pressures before setting out on your voyage!


 3.Remember to Stop and Smell the Roses

We’ve all heard of those stories of the “dad” who wanted to plow right through to the destination and wouldn’t stop anywhere but his predetermined stopping points. Let me just, “don’t be that person”. Enjoy the scenery. Yes, the destination is the goal, but the journey can be an experience too. Give yourself time to stretch and go to the bathroom. If everyone is miserable most of the drive, no one will look forward to ever doing a road trip again.


Allow time for extra stops during the drive. Don’t be focused on the end goal that you miss the great hike or waterfall along the way. Instead, allow yourself to stop and smell the roses.


Avoid the drive-thru. Instead, stop at the local grocery store and grab some stuff for a little picnic at the local park.


 4.Stay Organized

Keeping your car organized during the drive is one of the most important ways to help you save your sanity during the trip. If you allow the clutter and garbage to build up along the way, soon your stress levels will increase too, and no one is going to enjoy being in that car for any amount of time.


Each time you stop, I recommend taking a few minutes to make everyone clean up their spaces. That means putting away any toys or crafts the kids might have gotten out, throwing away any garbage, and getting things back to where they belong.


Part of making this organization system work is having a spot for every bag and knowing where things belong. If everything has a spot when you leave from the house, then everything should have a spot at each stop along the way.


 5.Keep The Kids Happy

A critical part of a family road trip success depends on keeping the kids happy. A little work before you leave can go a long way towards keeping the kids entertained.


I recommend helping each kid pack their own activities bag. They’re going to know what they like to play with the most


 6.Keep The Adults Happy

Keeping the kids happy doesn’t mean the adults have to suffer. Consider creating a family road trip playlist for the car, so the whole family can enjoy the music along the way. Perhaps let each family member offer up a suggestion of their favorite artist or songs!

 7. Stay Hydrated…But Not Too Hydrated

Be sure to pack some water bottles for each person, especially with the temperature starting to rise.  The eco-friendly choice would be to pack your own reusable bottles and refill them at stops along the way. Be sure you don’t drink too much water, or let your kids drink too much. Yes, everyone should stay hydrated, but being bored can make kids suck down their drink which will lead to frequent stops for bathroom emergencies.


So there you have it, our best family and road trip tips. With a little bit of planning beforehand, these family spring break road trip ideas can help make your vacation one your kids will want to remember!


Written by Eric's Car Care