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What Is Frame Straightening Anyway?

Crashes and collisions haunt even our kindest dreams. In driver’s education, we’re taught to always be on the defensive when driving. It’s drilled into us from the time we are mere teenagers, and every year there are more than six million car collisions across the United States. So, what happens when a dent in our […]

Types of Collision Repairs

What Are the Most Common Collision Repairs After an Accident? As a car owner, you will almost certainly need to use an auto repair company at some point. Even the most cautious drivers are powerless to regulate the actions of others on the road. The occasional ding or scratch produced by thoughtless drivers or environmental […]

What to Do After an Accident

What to Do If You’re Involved in a Car Accident The primary goal of any motorist is to be safe on the road. However, accidents do happen, even if you are the most cautious driver on the road. It can be a frightening and unpredictable experience for any driver. In many instances, drivers may not […]