Is Your Air Conditioning No Longer Working?

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Is Your Air Conditioning No Longer Working?

Style isn’t the only thing taken into consideration when purchasing a vehicle. Comfort is also a high priority, and that’s why so many people jump to get their air conditioning fixed when it starts to break down. Out of all its systems, your car’s A/C system is the one that works the hardest when hot and humid temperatures arise. That means it becomes very obvious when something is wrong with it. Is your A/C no longer blowing cold air? Is it not blowing air at all? Let’s break down some of the most common things that go wrong with a car’s air conditioning system so you can become more aware of what lies ahead in repairs.

Basic Electrical Issues

First of all, your car’s A/C system is electronic. That means anything from twisted wires to blown fuses to a malfunctioning temperature sensor can cause the entire system to break down and quickly. This is one of the easiest issues to pinpoint for an ASE-certified professional.

Acid Buildup

If an electrical problem is left by itself for too long, the acid buildup can occur. This can then corrode and permanently damage components in a way that may require an entire air conditioning system replacement. So, if you know something is going on with your car’s A/C, don’t hesitate to bring it to us here at Eric’s Car Care so we can take a look!

Mechanical Issues

Yes, the A/C system in your vehicle is electric, but it’s also made of many components that chronically move when it’s in use. These parts wear down over time, and that wear and tear can then lead to things like improper airflow or incorrect air temperature. The most common component to fail is the air compressor, and unfortunately, if something happens to this vital part of your air conditioning system, it creates a cascade of failures that cannot be resolved until the entire unit has been replaced. Here’s the tricky part, though: if a broken compressor is left without repair, simply replacing it may not be enough. That’s why you need to have one of our ASE-certified technicians take a look in order to properly diagnose all of the issues at hand. Even something as simple as the compressor overheating can tamper in permanent ways with this delicate system in your vehicle. So, don’t delay if you know something is wrong.

Air Isn’t Blowing Cold

This is one of the most common complaints of failing A/C systems in a car: the air is cool but not cold. It’s drying the sweat off your brow but not freezing you out of the car. This can be due to a number of factors that range in service difficulty. It could be that you have a dirty cabin air filter that is preventing decent airflow. It could be that you have a malfunctioning cooling fan, which then compromises your vehicle’s Freon and its ability to do its job. Even the compressor itself can become clogged with buildup and debris over time if it isn’t maintained properly, thereby forcing the air conditioning system to work overtime only to give you poor results in the process. Then, there are the leaking hoses that slowly drip your refrigerant to the ground beneath your car instead of keeping it inside the system that is vital to your comfort, and pinpointing the exact issue cannot be done without professional equipment.

That is where we come in. Here at Eric’s Car Care, we work with the most updated equipment on the market today in order to help us figure out exactly what’s going on with your car’s air conditioning system. Our ASE-certified technicians are standing by to assist you so that you can get back on the road in style as well as comfort. So, come see us at 6950 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77030 or give us a call at 713-667-9293 to schedule an appointment! We promise you won’t drive away from our auto repair shop until your A/C is functioning properly.

Written by Eric's Car Care