Alternator Repair

Common Types of Alternator Repair

At Eric’s Car Care in Houston, Texas, we know all about car alternators and how they operate. We regularly work with them and receive ongoing training for proper auto care; if there is an issue with yours, rest assured we’ll be able to handle it. One of the most common problems we see with an alternator is worn pieces, such as carbon brushes, contact rings, and bearings. The stator or rotor can fail, the voltage regulator can malfunction, and the cooling fan can give out. There is a mixture of issues that can arise and warrant alternator repair. It’s important to point out that because the area is tight under the hood, the failure of a nearby part can cause the alternator not to work properly. For example, the integrity of the alternator can become compromised by loose or worn belts, misaligned pulleys, and bad electrical connections. From parts replacement to a comprehensive alternator performance check, we are confident we can restore your alternator to its original condition with professional alternator repair. Give us a call at 713-667-9293 for further information about how we can help.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

If you own your car long enough, the alternator will eventually need to be replaced. Ideally, its lifespan will reach seven to 10 years. What if something happens before then? Because the alternator is a key component that helps your car run, several warning signs will alert you to an issue with the system. The most obvious is the battery light coming on in your dashboard. This light encompasses the wider electrical system that also includes the alternator, and it’s your car’s way of communicating with you that a problem has been detected through its onboard diagnostics system. Dim or overly bright lights are the effects of an alternator that’s starting to fail as it sends inconsistent voltage to your car’s electrical components. Similarly, slow or malfunctioning accessories can be an indicator of needing alternator repair. Additional symptoms include trouble starting the car or frequent stalling, a dead battery, growling or whining noises, or the smell of burning rubber or wires. Regardless of what your car may be exhibiting, bring it to Eric’s Car Care for proper alternator repair! Our Med. Center shop is located at 6950 Kirby Drive.