Auto AC Repair

AC Recharge Service

Our qualified auto AC repair professionals are experienced with caring for all AC systems. One service we perform regularly is an AC recharge. An AC recharge is needed when your air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant, often caused by a leak somewhere in the system. When you bring your car in, our ASE-certified technicians will inspect your AC system for signs of leakage or other damage and provide repair. From there, we’ll extract the remaining refrigerant, run it through our filtration equipment that removes any impurities, and place it back into the system. If extra refrigerant is needed to reach the manufacturer-recommended levels, we will add it. Because we understand the value of a good working air conditioning unit, we use top products in our auto AC repair services. We’re one of the few auto shops to use R1234yf gas in our AC recharge service. We invest in the best to offer the best. Not to mention, each of our services comes with a comprehensive warranty for three years/36,000 miles.

How to Care for Your AC

An easy way in caring for your air conditioning system is to routinely clean out the exterior grille located at the bottom of your windshield. This grille leads directly to the AC unit and can become clogged if debris gets into the system and requires auto AC repair. Experts also recommend running the system on high and at the coldest level at least once a week for at least ten minutes. This practice helps the compressor run effectively and better maintains the gas pressure. In terms of preventative maintenance, it’s important for regular coolant flushes (we use BG Frigi-Fresh), filter replacements, and AC recharges when necessary. Additionally, we conduct performance inspections, general inspections for refrigerant leaks and the condition of hoses and seals, and complete system replacement. Taking the proper measures for maintenance truly goes a long way in its operation and preventing auto AC repair later on. If you require service, give Eric’s Car Care a call at 713-667-9293 to schedule an appointment. You can also do so online, or stop by 6950 Kirby Drive.