Brake Repair

Signs You Need Brake Repair

It's incredibly important that you schedule a service appointment with us at the first sign of brake trouble. Do you know some of the most common warning signs to watch out for? First of all, a surefire indicator is your brake light coming on in your dashboard. This means your onboard diagnostics system has detected an irregularity in the brake system and requires professional attention. Also, keep an ear out for any unusual sounds emanating from your vehicle—especially screeching, squealing, or grinding noises that occur when you press down on the brake pedal. Another sign of brake trouble is reduced responsiveness. Take note if you notice that it takes longer than usual to come to a complete stop or if it takes more force to engage the brakes to fully stop. Additional symptoms deal with driving dynamics. For example, your vehicle may pull to one side when braking, bounce up and down when you come to a stop short, or wobble or vibrate. A fluid leak under your car or a burning smell when driving round out the most common signs of brake problems.

How We Can Help

Responsive brakes are necessary for your safety—and the safety of other drivers that share the road. If any symptoms of brake issues occur, bring your car, truck, or SUV to our auto shop as soon as possible. Your concern is our concern, and we do everything in our power to repair your vehicle to its original condition. We will investigate the issue, accurately diagnose the problem, and provide a brake repair solution. We take our time with the inspection process to ensure 100% accuracy, and we’ll keep you apprised at every step. Thanks to our standard three-year/36,000-mile warranty, you’ll have complete peace of mind working with us. You can schedule an appointment for brake repair online or by giving us a call at 713-667-9293. We also welcome walk-ins here at 6950 Kirby Drive, home of Eric’s Car Care serving the Med. Center community. We are conveniently located less than one mile away from the prestigious Texas Medical Center.