Tire Sales

When Do You Need New Tires?

Your car, truck, or SUV will last you many years as long as you take good care of it. The tires, on the other hand? Those won’t last forever. Given how hard your tires work, this isn’t a surprise. The average lifespan of tires is about five to six years. However, this is only if you look after them with routine maintenance (tire balances, rotations, pressurization checks, and wheel alignments). If yours are still in good condition after the six-year mark, we recommend annual inspections after that. When the tread wears down to an unsafe level (less than 2/32 of an inch), you will need new tires. Low tread results in reduced traction, loss of air pressure, and a higher chance of a blowout on the road. Fortunately, many tires today come with a treadwear indicator that appears on the tire when the tread gets to an unsafe level. Additional signs you may need to see us for tire sales include cracks, bald spots, consistent air pressure loss, punctures in the shoulder/sidewall, visibility of tread wires, or an unstable ride.

Professional Tire Sales and Installation Service

Our team has the know-how to treat just about any problem with your tires, but when that’s not enough, we also help with the selection of new tires and the installation process. When you need new tires, you can browse our inventory with our online tire finder tool. You’ll be able to search for the perfect set based on your car’s year, make, model, and trim. From there, it’ll populate the best-suited tires for your vehicle with ample information on each option. You can take it a step further and filter the results by brand, price, warranty, and speed rating. We take the guesswork out of tire sales and do our best to have all the information you need in one spot. While a good selection of tires matters, so does the right auto shop. We go the extra mile so your tires and your car can go plenty of extra miles. Call Eric’s Car Care serving Med. Center at 713-667-9293 for more information about our tire sales center. We look forward to working with you soon here at 6950 Kirby Drive.