Transmission Repair

Signs of Transmission Problems

Did you know your transmission may be giving you a clue it’s not working properly? If your car has an automatic transmission, keep an eye out for grinding or shaking while in gear, a lack of response when shifting, a whining or humming noise, or slipping gears. A manual transmission has its own set of warning signs that may warrant transmission repair, including a whirring or squealing noise, a grinding noise, and difficulty when shifting gears. A manual transmission may also jump out of gear, get stuck in one gear, or be unable to properly get into gear. We recommend you stop in at our repair shop for a full inspection for any odd noise, sensation, or odor (such as burning) you experience. On top of maintenance, you can help your transmission last longer and prevent transmission repair by practicing proper driver etiquette. If you have a manual transmission, change gears smoothly and don’t force the changes. If you have an automatic, never change gears (for example, from reverse to drive) while the car is in motion.

Professional Auto Repair Shop

We invite you to our auto shop serving Med. Center for expert transmission repair. Our job is to ensure your safety and the operation of your vehicle with professional car care. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and we follow all industry guidelines for precise workmanship. Specific to transmissions, we use top-grade BG products in our fluid services. We invest in the latest, most effective tools available to ensure every job is done right and to the highest standards. To accommodate you, we offer several perks here at Eric’s Car Care. For instance, you can sign up for a digital vehicle inspection, and you can even text to pay for quick transactions. We believe in full transparency, especially when it comes to cost. We offer an online estimate tool powered by RepairPal that provides instant and fair price evaluations. We also always have rotating specials available, and if you need further assistance, be sure to inquire about our financing. Make every shift a smooth one with transmission repair and service at 6950 Kirby Drive. We are located less than one mile from Texas Medical Center!