Alternator Repair

Alternator Problems

The alternator acts as the bridge and power station between the engine and battery. It uses the engine power to send electricity to the battery. In turn, the battery sends back electric power via the alternator. If something is damaged or defective, it will affect all your electrical systems. One of the primary causes of alternator failure is driving with all your electrical devices on, or leaving things like your windshield wipers constantly on. If you didn’t have an alternator, your vehicle would be constantly drained of power.

If your car has problems with its alternator, your vehicle may not display obvious systems. A common symptom is your car not starting. Your alternator isn’t sending enough power to start the engine or battery. Another sign is your battery going dead without your lights or other electrical systems left on. Your serpentine belt may also make noises while your car is running. Lastly, your battery light will come on. If you notice any of these issues, bring your car in to us immediately.

When you bring your car to us, we will first perform a voltage test on your alternator. The voltage on your alternator should read 12.75 volts. Your battery is fully charged at this reading with the engine off. A reading lower than this means a problem with the alternator. Our mechanics are fully equipped and prepared to repair your alternator. We remove the battery and serpentine belts to access the alternator. Our technicians will disconnect the alternator to perform the repairs safely and efficiently.

Best Repair Service in Houston

Alternator problems and repairs don’t have to ruin your day. Eric’s Car Care in Houston, TX, guarantees same-day turnaround service for alternator repairs. Our location on 5820 Kirby Drive is conveniently located near Rice University and I-69. You can wait in our comfortable lobby and enjoy our free Wifi while our expert technicians work on your vehicle. We also arrange rideshare services if you would prefer to shop in the area while you wait. You will receive updates when your car is ready via our SMS Tekmetric service. Call us today at 713-454-7860 to make an appointment at the first sign of alternator problems.