Brake Repair

Brake Issues and Repairs

The first sign of a braking system problem is a simple one: the brake light. Your brake light coming on means two things: it’s time to have your brakes inspected, or there is an electrical issue with your brakes. Don’t wait until there are major issues; bring your car into our shop so we can diagnose the problem.

Another sign to be aware of is the presence of noises while braking. If you hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing, it means it is time to get them checked out. Brakes make noises when there is debris caught in the brake pads, or when the brake pads are worn down and the metal is touching. If the metal is touching in your brakes, your car is unsafe to drive.

If you feel your steering wheel shaking when hitting the brakes, it means there is likely a problem with the rotors. They are probably off balance. The brake pads should be snug against the rotors. When they connect, it slows and stops the car down. If the rotor is uneven, that connection is not properly made. Even the tiniest gap can cause your car to brake improperly, so it is important these two parts stay in alignment. Shaking may also be due to the brake calipers not releasing correctly. The calipers job is to squeeze the rotors and brake pads together. If damaged, this can also keep the brake pads and rotors from connecting properly.

A “soft” brake pedal is caused by leaking fluid. A soft pedal means that you have to press the brake pedal nearly to the floorboard to make the car stop. You should only have to barely tap it. Our ASE-certified mechanics can repair the leak and get you back on the road quickly.

When you tap your brakes, you should never get a burning smell. A burning smell when you brake is caused by an overheated clutch or brake. If this happens, you need to pull over, as your car may be in danger of catching fire. Brake failure will happen if you keep driving while it’s overheating. Give us a call and we will provide towing to our shop and fix the problem right away.

Top Quality Brake Service

Keeping your brakes in proper working condition is our number one goal. At Eric’s Car Care in Houston, TX, we can guarantee the best maintenance and repairs in Rice Village. We are close to both Rice University and I-69, easily catering to college students and commuters. You can walk into our shop at 5820 Kirby Drive. If you need to call for towing or would like to make an appointment, our number is 713-454-7860. All our parts and repairs come with a 36 Month/36,000 Mile Warranty.