Check Engine Light

Why the Light is On

The check engine light comes on for multiple reasons. A frequent cause is a simple one: a loose gas cap. If you don’t tighten it properly after you fuel up, the onboard computer will send a trouble code. Try tightening it, or buy a new gas cap if it feels like it won’t close properly. If the check engine light doesn’t go off after these fixes, you likely have a more severe problem.

The problem could be a failing O2 sensor. The oxygen sensor measures the amount of unburned gas in your vehicle. The system is subjected to high temperatures each time you drive, so they tend to fail after a certain amount of high mileage. There are multiple codes involving the O2 sensor based on its status, so it is essential to get this code checked to diagnose the correct issue.

Another sensor that sets off the check engine light is the mass airflow sensor. As the name indicates, the sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine. It also determines how much fuel is needed to keep the engine working properly. If the sensor is malfunctioning, it will trigger the light. The problem could be an easy fix, such as cleaning out the debris in the sensor. However, the sensor may also need to be replaced entirely.

Your spark plugs could also send a signal that something is wrong. If your spark plugs are misfiring, the trouble codes will indicate the problem. Most often, they are worn out and need replacing. Or the issue could be leaks, bad compression, or damaged ignition coils and fuel injectors. Our expert technicians will evaluate your car to find out the spark plug problem.

One of the most serious problems that cause the check engine light to come on is a damaged or defective catalytic converter. The catalytic converter’s job is to reduce carbon monoxide emissions by changing it into carbon dioxide. The efficiency of the catalytic converter is a key component during emissions testing. Continuing to drive with a damaged converter could lead to a blown head gasket and a failed emission test. Let our technicians head off more serious issues before they break the bank. We can affordably replace your catalytic converter and get you back on the road.

Check Engine Light Experts

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