Collision Repair

Collision Repair Services

Like most auto body shops, we are equipped to provide essential collision repair services. Our shop is able to expertly repaint your vehicle and restore its shine. We use a special paint-matching service to ensure that the new paint matches the old without a flaw.

The shop has the best equipment to remove dents from your car. There are two types of dent removal. The first type is paintless dent repair. This is a collision repair that eliminates the dent without the need for repairing the body. The other type is body filler. Our technicians need body filler when the dent is severe. A special material is spread over the dent, left to harden, and then painted over.

Eric’s Car Care is also prepared for auto glass repair. If the damage is small, we use a special glass filler to repair the crack. Or, if needed, we find the most affordable but durable glass replacements for your vehicle.

If you are in a fender bender, we can quickly replace and repair both rear and front bumpers. We will match the exact part with what your vehicle previously had. Our technicians will match the paint or metal to your car’s previous color and design. We will get your car restored back to its pre-accident condition and have you back on the road sooner. Our technicians will also fill out the paperwork and act as the primary contact between you and the insurance company. We help take off some of the stress during the repair process.

Best Collision Repair in Houston

Having your vehicle experience body damage is always a worrying experience. However, our expert repair technicians at Eric’s Car Care in Houston, Texas, are ready to tackle minor and significant damage. Residents in the Rice Village area have relied on us to take care of body damage and glass repair. When you come into our shop on 5820 Kirby Drive you can rest easy that your vehicle is receiving the highest quality collision repair service. We are conveniently located near Rice University and I-69. If you need a tow, or to make an appointment, call us at 713-454-7860. Our technicians will send you updates on our SMS Tekmetric service throughout the repair process.