Shocks & Struts

What’s the problem?

Shocks and struts keep your steering and suspension system operating properly. Shocks absorb the bumps and jarring experience when you drive. Struts provide structural support for the steering and suspension system. Like any car part, they experience damage and normal wear and tear. There are common problems that you need to look out for when one of these parts fails.

Bouncing Car and Leaks

Your vehicle should not bounce up and down when you drive. You definitely should not feel all the small bumps in the road. The bouncing is a sign that your shocks are wearing down. If you feel the car bouncing while you are stopped at a light, it is truly time to replace your shock absorbers. Another issue is fluid leaking from around the wheel areas when you brake. This is fluid leaking from the shocks. Our mechanics are ready to repair and replace your shock absorbers.

Swaying and Knocking Sounds

A loss of stability in your car includes swerving while you turn a corner, the car pulling to one side, and your car bottoming out when you go over bumpy roads. Additionally, if you hear knocking sounds around the front and rear wheels, that is a sign of a strut problem. The fix could be as simple as a wheel alignment or it may require a replacement. Trust our technicians to diagnose the problem correctly.

Strut and Shock Repair Experts

Whether your car is in need of repair for shocks or struts, our technicians are ready to take on the repair. Eric’s Car Care has seen it all and we give our clients the best and most affordable repairs. Walk into our shop located on 5820 Kirby Drive, near Rice University and I-69. We will try to get you in and out with our same-day turnaround service. If you want to plan ahead, call us at 713-454-7860 to make an appointment. Rest assured that all our repairs and warranties come with a 36 Month/36,000 Mile Warranty.