State Inspection

Texas State Inspections

The state of Texas requires your vehicle to pass a safety and emissions testing to renew your vehicle’s tag and registration. The safety inspection is required in all counties in Texas. However, emissions inspections are only required in 17 counties. To get an inspection, you must bring proof of insurance and your driver’s license. The cost of an inspection is $25.50.

Safety Inspection

Our mechanics are experts in state safety inspections. They know the requirements of each point of inspection, and what to do in the event of a failed point. What our technicians look and inspect are:

  • Windshield conditions
  • Lights and their functionality
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Fluid levels and leaks
  • Steering & Alignment
  • Seat belt functionality

To pass the inspection, each car component during the inspection must be operating properly. Texas takes its safety inspections seriously, and so do we. If we find that one part does not pass, we will discuss the needed repairs with you immediately. Once the issue is repaired, we will issue you a pass inspection sticker.

Emissions Testing

Emissions testing was implemented in the United States in 1963. The purpose of the test was to measure the amount of pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles. The EPA has a standard measure of what is the safe amount of emissions that can come from cars. There are three types of emissions testing that our mechanics will run based on your specific vehicle type.

The first type is an engine test stand. These are performed on a single-engine. The second is the vehicle test stand. This test is for “complete” cars and their entire engine system. The third test is the Accelerated Simulation Mode (ASM) test. It is for load-bearing vehicles. It tests the vehicle going 15 and 25 MPH. Our state inspection experts will perform the necessary tests so that you can receive your pass inspection stick and proceed with your registration renewal.

Rely on Us

Getting your state inspection does not have to be a time-consuming and stressful experience. Bring your vehicle into Eric’s Car Care in Houston, TX, for the best testing service. Our goal is to get your car tested, and if necessary, repaired into passing condition as quickly as possible. Our shop is near Rice University and I-69, located on 5820 Kirby Drive. You can wait in our lobby and enjoy our free WiFi. When your birthday comes nears, call our shop at 713-454-7860 for an inspection appointment. You can rely on us to get your inspection passed.