Steering & Suspension

Ins and Outs of Steering and Suspension Repair

The steering system is not just your steering wheel; it is a connection of parts and linkages that help turn and move the car. The suspension system is everything connected to the tires, axles, springs, and shock absorbers. The suspension system protects your vehicle when you hit that bump in the road. It assures your travel will be smooth on multiple road types. If one component on either system is damaged, you notice a difference in your driving.

Here are some warning signs that something is wrong with your system:

  • The wheel is hard to turn or won’t turn
  • Shaking and vibrating in your steering wheel
  • The vehicle keeps pulling to one side
  • Grinding and squeaking while turning the wheel
  • Uneven wheels
  • Bumps cause more jarring
  • The front bumper dips towards the road when you stop
  • One corner of the car is sitting lower than the others

If your car feels like it’s on a stormy sea, your shock absorbers are damaged or completely worn out. Or if your vehicle has struts and you hear a knocking sound, they may leak or need replacing. Another common culprit is that your car needs a wheel alignment if it is pulling to one side. We recommend doing this as soon as possible before an accident happens.

If you notice one of these signs, bring it into the shop immediately. The problems could range from minor to severe. You could just need more power steering fluid or a wheel alignment, but It might be as severe as needing a new power steering pump. Our technicians will diagnose the issue and find the best and most affordable repairs for you.

Reliable, Honest Service

For all your steering and suspension problems, rely on us at Eric’s Car Care in Houston, TX. Located in the Rice Village area, we are close to I-69 and Rice University. Our convenient location is on 5820 Kirby Drive. During your repair service, you can wait in our lobby and enjoy our amenities, such as free Wifi. We do welcome walk-ins, but if you wish to schedule an appointment, call us at 713-454-7860. You will never have to worry about an upsell when you come to our shop. We will consult with you on pricing plans, and we also offer financing options. All of our repairs are backed by a 36 Month/36,000 Mile Warranty.