Transmission Repair

Transmission Issues

It doesn’t matter if you drive an automatic or manual transmission, they are all subject to wear and tear. There will come a time when your car starts sending you signals something is wrong with your transmission. Grinding gears is a loud sign that your transmission is in danger. Grinding gears means low transmission fluid, damaged clutch components, or an issue with the torque converter. It is unsafe to drive with grinding gears and it should be remedied quickly.

A lack of response when you change gears may indicate a leak. Or the issue might be a shifter cable or the valve body if you drive an automatic. If the gears on your stick shift are slipping, it means there is debris contamination or internal wear on the components. The trouble codes in your car’s computer will light up if it is one of these issues. Our shop is equipped with OBD-II computers to read your car’s trouble codes to find the exact problem.

As you drive along, your car should not smell like burning metal and rubber. Low fluid or a fluid leak is causing the metal parts in the transmission to grind together, producing the burning smell. If the problem goes on long enough, there is a danger of your vehicle catching fire. Any unusual odors should not be ignored. Our technicians are ready to repair and service your transmission.

In severe cases, your transmission may need to be replaced entirely. We are equipped to handle minor repairs and major replacements affordably and efficiently. We will work with you to diagnose the issue and select the best course of action for your vehicle’s specific needs.

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We treat all our customers with honesty and respect. At Eric’s Car Care in Houston, TX, we will find the answer to your transmission problems and offer the best and most affordable repairs. You can wait in our shop’s lobby located at 5820 Kirby Drive in the Rice Village area, near Rice University and I-69. We offer a comfortable waiting area with free WiFi, and our SMS Tekmetric service will keep you up to date on your vehicle’s status. You can call ahead to schedule an appointment. Our number is 713-454-7860. Our shop was voted Best Neighborhood Shop in 2009 by Nextdoor. We guarantee the best from our mechanics and staff.