Spring Cleaning Tips!

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Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring cleaning season is here and we’re all ready to shake off the winter blues. While our home and office might be a priority for the spring cleaning madness, one place you shouldn’t neglect to clean is your car. Winter months can be hard on your car, so give it a bit of extra attention too.


We’ve created a guide to getting your vehicle back in shape!


  • Swap out your cabin air filter. We all know how important it is to change out the air filter under the hood, but a lot of people neglect the cabin air filter. This overlooked piece filters pollen and other contaminants out of the air that your air conditioner blows into your cabin. They tend to get most clogged during the spring and fall months, when the plants and trees are working overtime to churn out pollen. Speaking of smells, an in-car air purifier can also help get that stink out your interior


  • Clean your seats. Between you, your children and pets, your car probably looks a bit fuzzy on the inside. In theory vacuuming should work, but we know this isn’t always the case. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, like the ones you do dishes with that have grippies on them — then rub your hand across the seat or carpet. IT’S MAGIC.


  • Get new wipers. There is nothing worse than getting caught in spring showers with old wiper blades. You may find they’ve cracked or dried out, and are not able to clear your windshield as effectively. Replacing your wipers is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to ensure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you during the spring months.


  • Clean your headlamps. Cloudy headlamps are an inconvenience at best and a road hazard at worst. If you haven’t gotten around to cleaning your headlights, spring cleaning is a good time to get started.


  • Wax on, wax off. It’s time to shrug off the salt that might have left their mark on your car’s exterior. Pay special attention to your rims and the undercarriage. These areas catch the brunt of winter abuse, so cleaning them up makes your car look better while preventing rust!


When that spring cleaning bug bites you, don’t skip cleaning your car. It won’t take much time and it will definitely be worth it!

Written by Eric's Car Care