The Effect Of Summer Heat On Your Vehicle

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The Effect Of Summer Heat On Your Vehicle

Is the summer air being too much for you to take it now? Getting irritated with the unwanted heat and skin rashes? Well, you’re not the only one. Along with humans like you walking around, having the same problem, you also have your beloved vehicle beside you. Whether you own a car or a two-wheeler, summer heat does not spare its health. Just like you, it gets affected by the high temperatures of the summer which is otherwise supposed to be pleasant; thanks to the excessive rise in temperature due to global warming. Let us get deeper into the matter and check out what exactly goes wrong with your transporter.

  • TIRES: With rising temperature and dryness in the air, your car’s tires get blown out. The rubber of it also gets damaged if not inflated properly. Also have a look at your tire pressure so that it does not wear out fast.
  • BATTERY: The battery of your car remains hot when the engine is switched on. Excess heat of the weather heats up the fuel inside your battery which is made up of water and acid. The water gets evaporated due to the heat and exposes the lead plates. It is wise to keep your car in the shade to take protection.
  • OIL: Due to the dryness in the atmosphere, the lubricants of your gears generally dry up. During these times, it is necessary to change the oil.
  • COOLANT: Make sure the coolant levels in your car are enough for it to run. Low levels of coolant tend to stop the engine in excess heat. 
  • GAS: The summer also seems to affect your car’s gas levels. Excess heat makes your car use up more gas and some of it may even evaporate due to the heat. Regular refuelling must be done to not let your car’s engine break down. Keeping your car in a shaded region will be more economic as it will stop the evaporation of gas to some extent. 

Summers are beautiful and fun. But certain measures must be taken to maintain the things which are close to your heart and definitely your car is one such thing. Summer is not so friendly towards your car. It needs certain checks to be done and be prepared before summer hits the place. Check whether your air conditioning system is doing good or not, because you would definitely need it.

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