Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle

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Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle

Six Tips for Avoiding Expensive Auto Repair

Take a look at some of these great tips to keep you from paying for expensive auto repair in the future:

Check Tire Pressure Frequently

Before you leave for the day, double-check that each of your vehicle’s tires has the proper tire pressure. Having the proper tire pressure ensures that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently, giving you the highest gas mileage possible. If you’re not sure how much pressure to put in your tires, check the owner’s manual or the inside of the driver’s side door for the exact amount.

Watch Tread Depth

Your tires can not only absorb the effects of road conditions, but they may also keep you safe every time you get behind the wheel. The tread depth of a tire should never be less than 1/16 inch, and it should be inspected as soon as possible if they are below the recommended depth.

Clean Your Battery

Battery corrosion can occur on the terminals of your battery over time, resulting in a battery that is no longer functional. Check for corrosion, and test your battery at least once every six months.

Check Transmission Fluid

In most cars, trucks, and SUVs, checking the transmission fluid is as simple as checking the oil. Simply remove the transmission fluid dipstick while the engine is turned off, clean it, reinstall it, and remove it again. The fluid in your transmission should be red, transparent, and not have a peculiar odor. If the transmission fluid is dark red or has a burnt odor, you should book a transmission service appointment to have a service technician look over your engine.

Check Engine Coolant

Everything in your vehicle is affected by engine coolant, from the air conditioner to the radiator and the water pump. Check your engine coolant level at least twice a year to verify that there is enough in your engine.

Check Oil Levels

Lastly, checking the amount of oil in your car is critical for essential auto maintenance. When checking your oil dipstick, make sure it contains the proper amount of oil and that the color of the oil is not black since this could indicate the presence of debris that could harm your engine. In addition, consider getting your oil changed with synthetic oil, which can better withstand the greater temperatures produced by your car’s engine and contain fewer pollutants, allowing your engine to operate cleaner and longer.

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