What Is Frame Straightening Anyway?

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What Is Frame Straightening Anyway?

Crashes and collisions haunt even our kindest dreams. In driver’s education, we’re taught to always be on the defensive when driving. It’s drilled into us from the time we are mere teenagers, and every year there are more than six million car collisions across the United States. So, what happens when a dent in our vehicle’s surface isn’t the only thing that has been damaged?

Sure, we’re familiar with dents and bumps and scuffs to the outer panels of our cars that usually need to be fixed and touched up after a fender bender. But, some collisions are so bombastic that the metal frame of your vehicle becomes compromised. That’s where frame straightening comes in. This is what many auto repair shops utilize in order to bend and manipulate a frame back to its original state. Don’t attempt this yourself, however. This is a difficult and time-consuming process, which should only be taken on by a reputable auto repair shop with ASE-certified staff on hand.

Nevertheless, some people take comfort in knowing exactly how something is accomplished. So, how is a frame bent back into place? First off, the professional technician in charge of your frame realignment utilizes ultrasonic technology in order to determine, to the exact degree, how badly the frame is damaged and what kind of work has to go into realigning it. Your car is hooked up to multiple computerized pieces of equipment that we have right here in our shop at Eric’s Car Care, and the frame machine we use in-house is then put to work in order to restore your vehicle’s frame back to its natural and normal shape.

Why is any of this necessary, though? Well, for one, a warped vehicular frame can lead to premature wear and tear of other systems, such as tires and piping. But, that outer frame many are concerned with isn’t just for looks. It’s also your car’s skeleton. It, quite literally, keeps the car from collapsing in on you while barreling down the highway to go pick up food for the family, while going to visit your best friend, or while on vacation halfway across the country. Because of this very important aspect, vehicular frames are made with specific impact and crumple points that are designed to give in order to absorb the kinetic energy of an impact. It’s created this way in order to make sure that you aren’t crumpled in the process, so realigning that frame after it has done its job is important in maintaining the safety of your car going forward.

Needless to say, frame alignment is important, and here at Eric’s Car Care, we take that very seriously. With top-of-the-line equipment and an ASE-certified staff at the ready waiting to help you out, frame straightening is more than simply a maintenance service. It is what will continue to protect you on the road after a car collision. Don’t trust your car care to just anyone; come down to Eric’s Car Care at 6950 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77030 or give us a call at 713-667-9293 to get your frame alignment on our schedule. Let us worry about getting you on the road safely and soundly so that you don’t have to.

Written by Eric's Car Care