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Tips From An Expert On Auto Maintenance

After purchasing a vehicle, many people ask themselves one particular question: how can I make sure my car stays at peak performance? Well, not everyone asks themselves that question, but they should. Car maintenance is no joke, so below, we have outlined a car maintenance checklist so that you can effortlessly stay on top of […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle

Six Tips for Avoiding Expensive Auto Repair Take a look at some of these great tips to keep you from paying for expensive auto repair in the future: Check Tire Pressure Frequently Before you leave for the day, double-check that each of your vehicle’s tires has the proper tire pressure. Having the proper tire pressure […]

How to Talk to Your Mechanic about Auto Repairs

How to Better Communicate with Your Mechanic Going to the mechanic isn’t anyone’s favorite chore, but it needs to be done every now and then. It’s critical to know how to communicate with your auto mechanic during a service visit to ensure a smooth repair process. We’ll give you a few pointers in this post […]

Why Won’t My Car Start?

If your reading this, chances are you’re having issues starting your car. The reason can be one of many. But below I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent reasons why your car isn’t starting. Considering the time of the year and what state we live in, chances are the weather could be detrimental to […]

What Type Of Car Enthusiast Are You?

Almost all of us have loved cars at some point in time in our life while many still continue to do so in one way or another. So to speak, that passion and dedication is what separates an enthusiast from your average person   No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no right or wrong […]

Vehicle Inspection: Is It Really Necessary?

In the great state of Texas, all vehicles must pass an official state safety and emissions inspection every year in order to legally drive on the state roads. Having your vehicle inspected not only ensures that you’re safe on the road, but it also ensures that every other car around you is safe as well. […]

Top 5 Best Diesel Engine Oils of 2019

Choosing the best motor oil based on your vehicle’s specifications can be a tricky task. So, here we bring a complete guide to help you make the right choice. Let’s get to know the finest heavy-duty diesel engine oils that will help to keep your vehicle in the best condition.   Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil […]

Top 5 Best Diesel Engine Oil of 2019

 Updated for 2020 1. Mag 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil  MAG 1® Full Synthetic 5W-30 is one of the purest and most advanced motor oil products currently available. Due to its ability to provide unmatched performance and protection, MAG 1® Full Synthetic 5W-30 can provide numerous benefits as listed below:  MAG 1® Full Synthetic 5W-30 […]

Top 10 FALSE Car Maintenance Myths

Every car owner hears about best practices for keeping his or her vehicle in good shape. Whether the advice comes from friends, family, or the car manufacturer, many maintenance suggestions for fuel efficiency, engine power, and overall vehicle longevity trickle down the exhaust pipe. Some tips suggest money-saving options or performance-enhancing practices. Yet, not everything […]

The Top 5 Causes of Brake Pads Wearing Unevenly

Here I’ll be talking about the issue of having to replace one brake pad while the other 3 are still in great shape!   It’s an extremely frustrating problem to have.   While this issue may seem ridiculous to you, the truth is that it happens because of many reasons. First, let’s break down exactly […]

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